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Meet Our Tutors: 

Miss Jacque


Teaching background: I taught in PSD for 12 years. I thought for sure I would teach several grades but I ended up teaching kindergarten all 12 years. Love that age and watching the kids blossom throughout the year! Teaching early literacy skills is my passion.


Why do I  love teaching? I love building relationships with kids and families and making a difference in their life!


Miss Niel


Teaching background: Generalist in K-21 Special Education 10yrs at Werner Elementary (ILS Teacher) Various Integrated Service teaching mentor support roles in PSD. I’ve tutored kids from kindergarten through college during my time running NoCo Tutoring & Enrichment and I LOVE the diversity of students I get to connect with!


Why do I love teaching? I LOVE my students (and am still connected with families from when I first started teaching!), and am convinced kids are approximately 847% cooler than grown ups. I’m passionate about relationship-based teaching, and believe that learning happens when a child first feels safe and connected. Starting NoCo Tutoring & Enrichment has given me the opportunity to work with incredible teachers and families, and I am continually thankful for how lucky I am to get do something I truly love.


Mrs. Emma Vierheller

Family: Husband (Josh), Director of Housing at CSU and daughter Nora (18 months), director of everything else in our lives 


Pets: Holmes the detective dog 


Teaching background: 12 years of high school math experience in 3 states (Wisconsin, Ohio, and Colorado), currently at Roosevelt High School in Johnstown I earned my National Board certification in teaching and my graduate degree in mathematics in 2021 


Fun fact: You can find me at Horsetooth Mountain or Lory State Park in my spare time training for ultramarathons  I'm currently training for the Never Summer 100k in July! Why I love teaching: I love working with all students, but especially students who have struggled in math for a long time. I love finding ways to show that every person can be a math person :)


Mrs. Megan Sommers

Teaching background: 1 year teaching preschool 20 years teaching K-5: Mueller Charter School in CA for 2 years, and Ladera Elementary School for 18 years 4 years tutoring K-12 CA and CO teaching credentials w/ second language learner designation Masters in Reading Reading Specialist credential

Why do I love teaching? I love teaching because I love learning, and am passionate about inspiring children to love learning. It is such a rewarding career, and there is never a dull moment.


Mrs. Cindy

Teaching Experience: I began teaching elementary music in 1999 with Poudre School District for several years & then began teaching at homeschool enrichment programs to stay home with my kids & now I am also enjoying teaching for Noco Tutoring & Enrichment programs. I have also led various music program in churches, VBS camps and used to teach mommy and me music classes when my kids were little. Hobbies and Passions: Boating, paddle boarding, waterskiing, hiking, pickleball, Zumba, singing, & acting. 

Why do I love teaching? I adore sharing my passion for music and acting. Witnessing kids discover their talents brings me joy


Mrs. Terri Keyworth

Years of Teaching Experience: 31 Schools where I have taught: Bethke Elementary, Fossil Ridge HS, Rocky Mtn HS, Webber Jr. High, Mtn View HS, Fort Bridger Elementary Degrees/relative educational background training: BS in PE K-12 with a math minor, Masters in Education 

Why do I love teaching? The connection and joy that I gain from kids as they grow in confidence.



Educational background training:

  • Bachelors’ in Spanish and Human Communication from Arizona State 

  • Masters in education from Harvard Graduate School of Education 

  • PhD in Educational Leadership from Claremont Graduate University

Why do I love teaching? I love watching students gain knowledge and make strides in their learning and I love the art of teaching and being creative with the subjects I teach.



Family Info: Oldest of four, keeps me on my toes though! 

Degree: B.E. in Civil Engineering, Minor in Computer Science (WIP) 

Hobbies and Passions: Huge train nerd, and dabble in some Ultimate during my free time.


Favorite Color: Orange 

Favorite Food: Very tough to pick just one, but I'll always go for a bagel with cream cheese and lox. 

Fun facts about yourself:

1. Love to run and exercise

2. I am a bit of a sponge cake enthusiast

3. I live on the other side of the country! 

Places you have traveled: New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC 

Why do I love teaching? Sharing a love of math and connecting with my tutees!

D98B31AF-EABB-4DDD-9186-427003E837CB-min (1).png

Mrs. Angela

Years of Teaching Experience: Over 20 years Schools where I have taught: I was a consistent sub for Rice Elementary for 7 years but have subbed throughout the Poudre school district and a little in the Thompson district. I also owned and operated Forever Growing Preschool out of my house for 7.5 years  


Degrees/relative educational background training: I received my teaching license in 2005. I have held numerous substitute teacher licences. I have many family members who have also taught in Poudre School District for over forty years. 

Why do I love teaching? I love teaching because I love making connections with kids and teaching them in a fun and unique way!!


Ms. Cristin Altepeter

Teaching background: It’s been my dream to be a teacher since I can remember! My dad was a college professor and my mom a preschool teacher, so I picked something in-between - elementary school! I taught 4th grade for a handful of years and then when it was time, I chose to homeschool Eden (& we had the BEST time!). During that time, I also started teaching at a homeschool enrichment program and helped homeschool a few families as well. A couple of years ago I took on the challenge of teaching & working with the Boys & Girls Club (& that wore me out!). I’ve taught everything from Kindergarten to high school (& even tutored an AIMS student for several years!) 

Why do I love teaching? I love connecting with kids - just where they are! I appreciate how real they are. I like asking questions - about learning and about each student. I believe connecting with students on a personal level is where learning starts. A favorite quote of mine is: “I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care.” (T. Roosevelt) and I take that into my classrooms and teaching experiences with me. I also love learning along with my students - I won’t hesitate to admit that I don’t have all the answers but that I’m happy to figure things out with them. I love teaching because I love learning! And kids are hilarious!


Miss Kaley

Years of Teaching Experience: I attend CSU and I’m majoring in mathematics education. I recently completed a minor in Spanish. I’ve done practicum work at Boltz and Blevins Middle Schools. I’ve tutored middle high school, and college lev math students with NoCo Tutoring for a few years now! 


Why do I love teaching? I love teaching because I love connecting with my students and finding creative ways to get concepts across and make learning fun. Seeing the moment in which content clicks is so rewarding! I also have a passion for changing the stigma associated with math. My goal is for students to gain confidence in and excitement for the subject and understand how math applies to their daily lives.


Family: I have been married to my husband for almost 17 years! We have 3 awesome boys. Our oldest is almost 14 and then we have twin 10 year olds. They all compete in karate which keeps us all busy. 


Teaching Background: I've had the incredible privilege of being an educator for a fantastic 17 years! My teaching journey has unfolded throughout the Northern Colorado region. Specializing in secondary education, my focus has been on English and English as a Second Language. Over the past 5 years, I've had the amazing opportunity to teach across all grades and subjects, and let me tell you, every moment has been an absolute joy! In addition to my professional life, my husband and I have embraced the rewarding adventure of homeschooling our own children. It's been a truly fulfilling experience, and I can't wait for many more years of inspiring learning ahead! 


Hobbies: Reading, watching my kids compete in karate...all the time , watching movies, spending time with family. 

Favorite Color: Purple 

Favorite Food: Soup 


3 Fun Facts:

1. I love cows! (I have a cow wall in my house) 

2. I have a lot of pets (2 dogs, 2 cats, a tortoise, a bearded dragon, a white's tree frog)

3. I marched in the Macy''s Thanksgiving Day Parade in high school!

Miss Erika

Reach out here if you're interested in our tutoring services. 

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